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Gifting Through Appreciated Securities

The Church is of God and will be preserved to the end of time

With the stock market at historic high valuations, many of us have an excellent giving opportunity. Your gift of stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares will entitle you to a charitable deduction for the full current market value if you have owned the security for one year or more. With your securities gift, you can make a difference in both the ministries and mission of our church and still receive significant advantages.

Tax advantages

Under current tax law, charitable contributions of long-term appreciated securities are deductible at their full current market value, up to 30% of your adjusted gross income. Any excess can be carried forward five years.

In October of 1993, congress restored the full deductibility for gifts of appreciated securities. If you have avoided such gifts in recent years, you can once again enjoy the full tax advantages of giving appreciated securities.

Valuation of your gift and other issues.

The value of your gift of securities is based on the average between the high and low (or bid and asked) quotations on the day the securities pass from your control.

Example: On December 1, when you mail your certificate for 250 shares of XYZ Corporation to Mesquite United Methodist Church (or your banker or broker transfers the securities into an account for the church), the high is $21.00 and the low is $19.00. At the average price of $20.00, your gift is valued at 250 times $20.00 for a total of $5,000.00.

Remember that special appraisal rules apply to gifts of closely held securities that are not publicly traded.

How to make your gift

Talk to your Finance Committee member. He can help you make your gift by mail safely and carefully using stock certificates and stock powers.

He can also help you make your gift through your bank or broker. He will make sure your gift is handled promptly and accurately.

A few things to remember!

Make sure your banker or broker does not sell the security for your account and then forward the proceeds to Mesquite United Methodist Church. Technically, this transaction represents a cash contribution and you would be liable for the capital gains tax. Remember that you can take a long time to deliver your certificates to the issuing corporation or its Transfer agent to be reissued in the name of the church. The date of our gift is considered to be the date on which the corporation issues the new certificate. Meanwhile, the stock may decline in value or the official gift date may not fall in the tax year you intended.

 Give now for the greatest benefits

  • Gifts made by midnight on December 31st can help reduce your current federal income taxes.
  • Giving long-term appreciated property rather than cash can bring you extra tax savings.
  • Please contact your investment advisors. They can help you identify the methods of giving that will provide you with the best tax advantages.
  • Review your comprehensive estate plan on a yearly basis. Your will, life insurance, retirement investments, and other planning tools can provide opportunities for meaningful gifts to our church while providing significant gift and estate tax savings to you.

In all of our giving, let us never forget the priceless gift that was given to us in Jesus Christ.

Disclaimer: Investors should talk to their tax advisors about this to make sure this applies to their specific situation. 

This information was developed to provide you with basic information about Planned Giving to Mesquite United Methodist Church.

Planned Giving provides opportunities for us to express our love for the Lord and keep His Ministries strong and vital for generations to come.

If you are interested in discussing financial gifts to our church, we encourage you to talk to any member of the Finance Committee, the Pastor, or call the church office 702-346-4663.


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